About Us & Wyldhaven Farm

Joie and I bought our farm/home a number of years ago and named it Wyldhaven. We had been living nearby and really fell in love with the land when we first saw it. It's quite magical with lots of old trees, grand rock outcrops and cliffs, streams, views, paths, and more.Market Garden at Asheville Organic Mini-Farm

A complete renovation of the home was done in 1999 and included new roof, paint, all new heating and a/c, as well as the addition of a back-up solar voltaic system and a generator - plus a large classroom / workshop with heat & a/c. Organic garden and extensive landscaping was begun then and later expanded on and there is an old chestnut barn (1918ish) with a pasture for your horses.

Most of the property is heavily wooded and hilly/mountainy with lots of old hardwoods. About 3-4 acres is now open and about another 5-10 acres could be easily cleared and made tillable if someone wanted to do more extensive farming. There are several long ridges on the property that could have long range mountain views if some timber was cut. There are at least a dozen easily accessible house sites via our own private road.

In 2014 we completed an interior renovation of the house, painting and redecorating it in "craftsman" style. Renovations included removing old "popcorn" ceilings, adding crown molding, painting all, refinishing hardwood floors, updating bathrooms (3) and replacing old light fixtures. Possibly more to come.

We've loved living at Wyldhaven but have now moved a little further up in the mountains to a bit smaller place near Highlands, NC, so, let us know if you'd like to be the new ower of Wyldhaven.

Interested? If so, send us an email or use "Contact Us" link to the left.


Ivan & Joie

Ivan G Prim / Joie Power, Ph.D.
Wyldhaven Address:
58 Reed Road
Fairview NC 28730

Phone: 828-526-2880